This year we celebrate Frankie Manning's 100th birthday right here at our own location in Pasadena. We are bringing in guest instructors Chazz Young from Las Vegas, Rob and Diane Van Haaren from Ventura, and Jeremy Otth and Laura Keat from Orange County. Pasadena is a beautiful city with a bustling Old Town full of interesting shops and restaurants, night life and world class museums. 

Guest Stars & Instructors


Norma Miller

Norma,“The Queen of Swing”, is the last surviving original member of Whitey”s Lindy Hoppers from the famous and historic Savoy Ballroom. Her career spans seven decades as a dancer, author, choreographer, actor and comedian.

Come join us as we celebrate her 99th birthday!

Chazz-Young 2.jpg

Chazz Young

A spectacular dancer with a long and successful stage career, Chazz Young, was originally inspired by his father, Lindy Hop master, Frankie Manning! At the age of 17, Chazz joined Norma Miller’s dancing troupe (Norma Miller and her Jazz Men) and traveled the globe performing00000000000000000000000000000000. Living in Las Vegas, he still tours the world dancing and teaching Lindy Hop and Tap. Since the early 1990s, he’s been an annual headliner at the Herrang Dance Camp, in Sweden.   



Chester Witmore

A world renowned unique Dancer, composer, comedian, actor, choreographer, stuntman, and bandleader who combines his talents to create surprising performances. He has been teaching at the Alvin Ailey dance school and lecturing at the renowned Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., among others. Chester Whitmore has his own well-reputed dance company and his own Big Band. When he’s not dancing, he’s an arranger and composer/songwriter, a high speed and tricky breaks tapper, a choreographer for fight scenes in the Hollywood film industry, a stuntman himself, a filmer, and much more.




Erin & Tami Stevens

Co-owning The Pasadena Ballroom Dance Assoc. since 1983, teaching thousands of students the art of social dancing, Erin and Tami are recognized for their enormous contribution in “bringing back Swing”—eventually seeing its peak resurgence in the 1990s.  Erin is credited with persuading the “father of the Lindy Hop,” Frankie Manning, out of dance retirement in 1984 (thus re-igniting his dancing career, and helping to spark the 2nd era of Swing).  Tami and Erin, along with Tami's husband, Scott Price, hosted an annual June event (The Granddaddy of the American Swing Camps), “Swing Camp Catalina” (1994-2004) bringing thousands of swing dancers from around the world together on Catalina Island, and they have all traveled extensively, teaching Lindy Hop around the globe. In 2012, they were contracted to author the textbook: Swing Dancing (a reference guide to the history of Swing), and are frequently hired as guest speakers for various groups and events. 


Francisco Nogueira & Neusa Maria (From Brazil)